On Demand

I have teamed up with a friend and fellow instructor, Sandy at Aspyr Fitness, to offer access to our live-streamed classes on demand. We have a selection of classes to inspire you to get moving and we will continue to add to this catalogue.

Please visit Aspry Fitness where you will be invited to complete our Physical Active Readiness Questionnaire before being redirected to our Vimeo page to select your class.



Sandy combines her personal training, sports massage and yoga knowledge to create classes with the purpose of strengthening your body using layers, working from simply moves and combining them into more complex poses. Whether you are starting our your yoga journey or you are a regular yogi, Sandy creates a flow with three purposes – for you to have a great time, feel refreshed and amazing! 


I have designed a series of calming and grounding restorative yoga classes for your practise. These classes are all beginner friendly and involved 5-6 poses that are each held for 5 – 10 minutes, allowing your body to lengthen and your muscles to relax. We recommend the use of props (pillows, blankets and bolsters) to support your body and rest your joints. I incorporate a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques and breath work to help restore both mind and body.

MOBILITY with Sandy

This class we created by Sandy at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. She soon realised that activity levels had decreased and individuals were running on adrenaline. By harnessing her osteopathic knowledge of the body (she is currently training to be an osteopath), she has combined movement into an online class which allows you to be in control of your health, pain management and fitness. We are starting to understand that self-managed interventions have a moderately positive impact on patient pain and disability. Sandy uses this concept to assist you to get to know your own body.